Matthew Dibble has been awarded a commission for 24 paintings

Calm HitchhikerMatthew Dibble has been awarded a commission for 24 paintings to be featured in Cleveland’s new Hilton Hotel opening 2016.

“Matthew Dibble’s large-scale abstract work has evolved over the course of many years of day-to-day dedication. The energy on his canvases is scrappy, adventurous, unapologetic, and direct. The volume of work he produces reflects his energy and determination to evolve as a painter”  –  Katherine Aimone, Curator, Journalist and Writer. 

“Matt Dibble is an American artist who has installed and maintained roofs for several decades. Because he is a very good painter, his day job matters – as everything matters, if life is to be realized as an aesthetic whole. It may well be that Dibble’s different kinds of labor overlap, and in some sense complete one other. For one thing, a roof must accommodate stress and changing needs, so it encodes many kinds of knowledge — an understanding of seasons and materials, of comfort and security and needs of the body and mind. Then there is the strangeness of roofing, which parallels the oddness of painting. To make a work that resists the changing microclimates of mind and spirit, an artist must enter his own memory and senses from a different angle, climb up and pry parts away, repair and recover the gaps between things. He must balance and risk, and in the end it may happen that he sees his surroundings from a surprising, slightly inhuman angle”  –  Douglas Max Utter, Founding Editor of Angle Magazine, Managing Editor of Artefakt Magazine and Contributor to New Art Examiner. 

  1. Kevin says:

    Great work!

  2. Raina says:

    Your website looks great!

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