Kathy A. Moore – Statement

Still Lifes from my Perspective – Quiet Intimate Order

This body of work consists of paintings and drawings that resulted from intense visual observations made directly from the still life motif. I want to place the viewer within my immediate visual perspective. It fascinates me to study how physically one’s eyes can only focus on a certain space within the still life and then how the planes shift as the eyes refocus onto a new area. It is essential for me to capture a feeling of light within each still life. I am trying to find a way to ‘paint the air’ that surrounds my subjects. The viewer is more than simply a spectator of inanimate objects. I aspire to convey within each still life my visual interpretation of a luminous, quiet, and intimate order.

Luminous Landscapes

I work on site from direct observation of nature. It is essential for me to make light an important subject. I place as much importance to painting the particular light I observe within the space as the scenery itself. I am attempting, through these works, to translate my thoughts of a particular place into paint. I am striving to re-present the scenery I observe before me. Ultimately I want to impart a quiet luminous quality within the landscapes discovered close to my home.