Work by Gallery Artists – Press Release 2018

BorderLine: Redefining Boundaries

July 19 – August 10, 2018

BorderLine: Redefining Boundaries. Work by Gallery Artists

FIRST STREET GALLERY is proud to present BorderLine: Redefining Boundaries, Work by Gallery Artists.

“the center cannot hold……”
William Butler Yeats, from his poem “The Second Coming”

We live in a time of dispersion, restructuring and redefining our physical and conceptual boundaries. The visual arts have extended pictorial language as well as creative experience beyond previous formal and perceptual margins, especially in light of the advent of photography, cinema, cyberspace, and other means of communication.

Concepts of simultaneity and the layering of space and time have fused past, present, and future, shattering their former confines. Space-Time is open and porous, allowing the artistic journey to probe and discover many unpredictable channels.

Work by the artists on view in this compelling exhibition reflect a wide range of individual reinterpretations of what edges, boundaries, connections and disruptions, both human and symbolic, represent in their work.

Participating Artists:

Summer Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm, Monday through Friday.