Affiliate Membership

Located in Chelsea, steps from the High Line, FIRST STREET GALLERY represents a diverse group of accomplished artists devoted to creative freedom. Founded in 1969, the Gallery continues to engage the art community by developing programs that encourage all visual artists. FIRST STREET GALLERY is a nonprofit organization that takes no commission on sales of work.

Affiliate Membership is open to a maximum of 8 selected artists within and outside the United States. Artists participate in a three-week Annual Affiliates Exhibition and share many of the benefits enjoyed by Participating and Nonparticipating Members with the exception of a scheduled Solo Exhibition. Affiliate Members do not have voting rights and are not required to participate in Gallery management, attend monthly meetings or pay an Initiation Fee. Membership is granted for 12 months and renewed each year. An Annual fee of $1000 is due upon acceptance and is nonrefundable.

Former Participating and Nonparticipating Members may apply after a two-year waiting period.


  • Artist representation on Gallery website
  • Annual Affiliates Exhibition held each calendar year
    • Gallery Administrative services provided for the Exhibition
    • Email announcements (4500 recipients)
    • Listing in NYC gallery guides/maps, online websites and social media
    • Wall signage
    • Announcement of Annual Affiliates Exhibition on the Gallery’s website
    • Opening Reception
  • Opportunities for Artist led events
  • Opportunity to network with fellow artists
  • Eligible to rent gallery space. Click for more information.


  • Annual nonrefundable fee of $1000 due upon acceptance. Fee can be paid over three monthly installments — must be paid in full before the Annual Affiliates Exhibition
  • Website fee for posting up to 18 images and Artist Portfolio Page documents
  • Submit notice of intention to renew two months before annual renewal date
  • Gallery reserves right to review Membership renewal
  • Abide by the Gallery’s Code of Ethics and all Policies


Applications for membership are reviewed at monthly meetings, September through June, but can be submitted at any time during the year. Artists may initially bring or send original works to the Gallery or send digital images or a CD to be reviewed. A third option is to submit an online Application Form. All applicants are asked to provide the following information:

  • Artist’s resume and statement
  • 6-10 digital images of recent work – if uploaded onto the Application Form, please follow instructions for JPEGS, notation of name, title, medium, dimensions, and year
  • Website address if available

After a preliminary review of application materials, selected artists will be invited to bring 3-5 original works to the Gallery. Out-of-town applicants may submit 2-4 pieces. Artists invited to continue the membership application may request special accommodations if specific work and /or location require. Members are only accepted after review of actual work.

Contact FIRST STREET GALLERY at 646-336-8053, Tues-Sat 11am-6pm.