Marianne Barcellona, Guest Artist – Press Release

What Is Left: Tenuous Survivals

September 8–October 3, 2020

Dark Forest

What’s Missing, ink, acrylic on matte paper, 22 x 30 inches, 2019

“What Is Left: Tenuous Survivals” is a collection of ink drawings and collages that reflect on the ravages increasingly caused by both nature and man. Rocks, lava wastelands, denuded trees, stumps, desecrated fields and detritus are the witnesses of this unfolding drama as well as metaphors for an accelerated unraveling of the world as we’ve known it. These often quirky narrative landscapes project an underlying sense of foreboding and dark alarm for the tenuous survival of life.

Marianne Barcellona’s early years were spent a as a professional editorial photographer, travelling the globe on assignments. In the 1990s she began to use her years of travel as reference sources for a more personal expression with fine arts painting. In recent years she has been progressively attracted to working with ink, acrylic wash and paper to create dense collages.

Barcellona has been the recipient of 13 fellowships at internationally renowned artist residencies and been included in over 70 exhibitions. She has given 8 Visiting Artist Master Classes for Harvard’s Freshmen Arts Program, and in 2019 she led a professional workshop on Landscape Ink Drawing and Collage at the Baer Art Center in Iceland. Currently Barcellona lives and works in New York City.

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