Jessica McGarry Bartlet – Press Release 2017


January 31 – February 25, 2017

Backyard Pre Dawn 2

Backyard Pre-Dawn 2, oil on panel, 24 x 48 inches, 2016

Jessica McGarry Bartlet’s third solo show at First Street Gallery, Reversals, is a body of work comprised of two major dichotomies: Watercolor and oil painting, and day and night.

“Painting at night without light is the most ironic practice ever. It’s about finding the same things at night that I usually sought during the day. The goals have been reversed….”

Having been heavily influenced by Richard Serra’s black on white paper drawings McGarry Bartlet’s latest body of work is also about a strong sensation of being under the influence of immense darkness, pressure, and mass.

McGarry Bartlet’s latest body of work identifies and celebrates the unique quality of paper in her watercolors – particularly in the final presentation, and in her body of oils – texture, brushwork, and minimalist black on black nocturnal palette.

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