Annual Affiliates Exhibition – Press Release 2016

Gilles Giuntini, Carolyn Sheehan, Jane Shoenfeld

September 6 – October 1, 2016

Annual Affiliates Exhibition, 2016

FIRST STREET GALLERY is pleased to present its first Annual Affiliates Exhibition, featuring works by Affiliate members Gilles Giuntini, Carolyn Sheehan and Jane Shoenfeld.

Gilles Giuntini fabricates complex intimate narratives that reference both historical and personal events. His carefully crafted sculpture is at once seductive but beyond reach. The viewer is drawn in, but kept at a distance. This physical tension is at the core of each piece. Through irony and humor Giuntini weaves disparate scenarios into something familiar …a world of paradox and hypocrisy.

Carolyn Sheehan creates art works that are best described by color and images. She combines creativity and imagination with emotions in every piece with the sole purpose of not only creating an aesthetic that impacts the feelings but causes pleasure as well. Every piece is worked like a sculpture which is three dimensional and they take shape in a style in which the icon is always the focal point.

Jane Shoenfeld’s pastels are color abstractions derived from a lifetime of observation of nature. Kinesthetic experience as well as visual memory guide her studio work. Her large scale pastel paintings are often inspired by poetry that references effects of global climate change. She creates plein air abstractions in response to light and energy behind the surface of the landscape. In all of Shoenfeld’s vibrant and textured nature abstractions, subtle references to representation stimulate both the emotions and the imagination.