Invitational Exhibition – Press Release 2015

Alone Together

November 3–28, 2015

Invitational Exhibition

FIRST STREET GALLERY is pleased to present the group exhibition Alone Together, which features seven unique New York-based artists working in painting, mixed media, sculpture and installation art. For each of these artists the expressive use of color — or an absence thereof — in relation to form and the definition of space is important.

Aaron Bell’s current work is part of a series of mixed-media paintings, assemblages and installation — the common thread woven throughout is hemp — that is homage to “the souls and sufferings of those whose tears were never allowed to touch the ground.”

Toshiko Kitano Groner seeks to express the world around her and the world within by assembling wood and other materials on panel board, using oil and other media to indicate the unique hues and tones of color in her native Japan.

Eunjin Kim, trained by Korean artisans of traditional Buddhism woodcraft, uses the inherently conflicting nature of wood-organic material that can be made to conform — to convey the tension of opposing forces, organic vs. mechanical, natural vs. artificial, inner energy vs. external energy.

Sukyung Kim utilizes acrylic, mulberry paper, aluminum, metal and wood color to create expressive multidimensional works that explore the tension between light and depth.

Paolo Pecchi aims to investigate the creation of pictorial space using the four key components of color, value, intensity and texture. His works preserve the classical elements of lines, planes, etching and cross-etching, albeit incorporating a range of materials that includes unconventional elements such as copper and burlap.

Liz Sloan’s work is a unique form of painting that captures elemental energy through the use of the most archetypal shape — the circle.

Margie Steinmann is deeply committed to sharing her extremely personal visual language and expresses this through the adept handling of her materials, which include acrylic paint, Japanese paper and canvas. Her works evoke imaginary ruins that have survived the sands of time and are reborn through refined assembly of color, line and form.