45 Years Later – Press Release – 2014

45 Years Later

Work by Gallery Artists

December 2, 2014 – January 3, 2015

45 Years

When First Street Gallery opened in 1969, the main focus was a return to figuration, with a sense of art historical continuity in particular the classical tradition. Some of the artists were students of Philip Pearlstein, Lennart Anderson, Gabriel Laderman, Leland Bell, Nick Carone and Alfred Russell from Brooklyn College, Queens College and the New York Studio School. There was a turning away from the second generation of Abstract Expressionism toward a more perceptual approach to still life, landscape and drawing from the model. Some of the artists such as Catherine Murphy, Altoon Sultan and others shifted toward genre and regional subject matter with an acute focus on detail. In time, a more fluid approach toward a pictorial language became apparent. Pop art, Graffiti, Non Western and abstract elements merged creating a more polyphonic and pluralistic vision to the aesthetic direction of First Street Gallery.

Participating artists: Leslie Adler, Nancy Balliett, Jessica Bartlet, Kathleen Bennett Bastis, Sallie Benton, Rachel Gordon Bernstein, Tracy Collamore, Mary K. Connelly, Bill Creevy, Teresa Dunn, Suzi Evalenko, Hank Feeley, Wendy Gittler, Tim Kennedy, Michele Liebler, Mari Lyons, Cynthia MacCollum, Rallou Malliarakis, Marion Miller, Kathi Packer, Nina Pascal, Marianne Perry Salas, Edmond Praybe, and Jane Shoenfeld.

The exhibition will be presented at First Street Gallery from Tuesday, December 2nd through Saturday, January 3rd. The reception will be held at the gallery on Thursday, December 11th from 6-8 PM.