Leslie Adler – Press Release 2016

Concealed Crossings

February 2 – 27, 2016

Leslie Adler, Concealed Crossings

Model One: 42, India ink, watercolor, gouache, string on paper, 40×70 inches, 2015

Manifested in paintings, installations and hand made objects, this is an intuitive and dynamic exhibition. Mrs. Adler chose India ink, gouache, oil paint, natural colors, wood, paper, steel and string as mediums for this work. Each piece is said to be experimental and involves an interesting amount of randomness.

“The ideas behind these pieces started from imagined ideas, realizations and experiences while viewing certain aspects of life and living through the creative interactions I experience every day.”

Exhibit attendees should expect to see a cohesive theme of direction, connectivity, and thoughtfulness. The Mindful Compass installation strongly expresses these threads. Also, Leslie’s work will also provoke a sense of emotional and spiritual connectedness with her audience through her direction of light and dark throughout.

About Leslie Adler:
Originally from New York, Leslie Adler attended the University of Maryland where she studied design and fine art. Leslie earned her MFA from William Paterson University in New Jersey, and her work appears in exhibitions around the world, including New York City and Paris. Mrs. Adler has also won several awards and has taught collegiate art and design classes. Her work is available to view at the 356 Art Gang studios in East Orange, New Jersey. If you’re interested in viewing some of her work, please visit www.leslieadlerfineart.com.

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