Artists Choose Artists – Press Release 2016

Artists Choose Artists

Group Exhibition

April 28 – May 21, 2016

Artists Choose Artists

FIRST STREET GALLERY presents a unique exhibition featuring gallery artists and their invited guests, with work that is small in size, but wide in the variety of media and styles.

With over 40 participants from across the country, ARTISTS CHOOSE ARTISTS pays tribute to the breadth and depth of our artistic community. Each member was asked to invite two guest artists to participate in the Gallery’s annual group exhibition. The proximity of such diverse work allows for an inspired pairing of artistic vision. Viewers will delight in this random exchange of ideas.

Participating artists include: Leslie Adler, Chuck Baker, Marianne Barcellona, Jessica Bartlett, Kathleen Bennett Bastis, Sallie Benton, Matt Best, Taimur Cleary, Tracy Collamore, Mary Connelly, Mary DeVincentis, Matthew Dibble, Jessica Doh, Teresa Dunn, Joseph Esposito, Richard Estrin, Suzi Evalenko, Charlotte Evans, Dan Gheno, Wendy Gittler, Xico Greenwald, Charlotte Gross, Kylie Heidenheimer, Margo Herr, Ann Kemp, Sukyung Kim, Michele Liebler, Philip Lique, Christopher Lowrance, Rallou Maliarakis, Laura Marsh, Peter Maslow, Mary Beth Mckenzie, Anahita Mekanik, Mary Newcomb, Kathi Packer, Erin Palmer, Tim Parsley, Alan Petrulis, Christine Romanell, Marianne Perry Salas, Alexandra Schoenberg, Sheri Schwartz, Jane Shoenfeld, Brigid Watson, Grant Whipple, John Willis, and Barbara Yeterian.